I’m Janelle Stauffer, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in private practice in Nampa Idaho.  I offer psychotherapy services to children, adults, parents, & families.  People usually contact me because they are experiencing negative effects of stress, trauma, anxiety, & depression.  They want to find a place that is safe, where they can find relief and comfort, where they will not be judged.

I offer suppport in a calm, accepting atmosphere that promotes growth and healing.

I practice as a trauma informed attachment therapist. That means that I help folks work through relationship wounds by creating a safe healing relationship of our own. I use an integrated approach in therapy, pulling from psychodynamic, humanistic, & existential theories as well as evidence based modalities including EMDR and EFT. In addition, I integrate mindfulness, Yoga, and the body into the work that I do. I enjoy teaching and speaking on topics related to attachment and trauma, but my greatest days are spent in the therapy room with courageous people taking the difficult journey into healing.

Do you have questions or would you like a free consultation?   Use my contact link to find easy, confidential ways to be in touch with me.


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